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10’ x 10’ (3.0 m x 3.0 m)


Built for professional use, the upgraded Enterprise™ canopy enhances any promotion, event and consumer-marketing application. Featuring a professional-grade bolt-on fabric top and high-strength steel frame, this shelter combines a high-quality instant shelter solution with a mid-range budget.

Customize Your Enterprise™ In 3 E-Z Steps

10’ x 10’ (3.0 m x 3.0 m) Enterprise™ STEEL FRAME

ITEM#COLOR PRINT*12-45-910-14(S)
EP3STL10KFV11 Valance$569$561$552$541
EP3STL10KFP11 Peak$679$669$659$646
EP3STL10KFP1FV11 Peak, 1 Valance$779$768$756$741
EP3STL10KFV22 Valances$669$659$649$636
EP3STL10KFP22 Peaks$889$876$863$845
EP3STL10KFP2FV22 Peaks, 2 Valances$1,089$1,073$1,057$1,035
EP3STL10KDV11 Valance$665$656$646$632
EP3STL10KDP11 Peak$750$739$728$713
EP3STL10KDP1DV11 Peak, 1 Valance$805$793$781$765
EP3STL10KDV22 Valances$720$710$699$684
EP3STL10KDP22 Peaks$890$877$864$846
EP3STL10KDP2DV22 Peaks, 2 Valances$1,000$985$970$950
EP3STL10KDV44 Valances$830$818$806$789
EP3STL10KDP44 Peaks$1,170$1,153$1,135$1,112
EP3STL10KFBD4 Peaks, 4 Valances$1,390$1,370$1,349$1,321
*Stock Color Tops Only