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Pro Railskirt

Railskirts transform your shelter into an exhibit area. Add multiple Railskirts and attach them to the shelter legs to form your marketing space. Single- and double-sided digital printing is available.

  • Steel Hardware
  • Locking Center Support Leg
  • Quad Button Release
  • Quick Attachment Fastener System
  • Professional Grade Fabric
  • All Colors Available

Pro Railskirt Pricing

Single Sided Digital Imprint
RSSSK5D5' (1.5m)$206$200$198$196
RSSSK8D8' (2.5m)$263$255$252$250
RSSSK10D10' (3.0m)$265$257$254$252
RSSSK15D15' (4.5m)$432$419$415$410
RSENDK15D (ENDEAVOR™)15' (4.5m)$432$419$415$410
Double Sided Digital Imprint
RSDSK5D5' (1.5m)$342$332$328$325
RSDSK8D8' (2.5m)$419$406$402$398
RSDSK10D10' (3.0m)$455$441$437$432
RSDSK15D15' (4.5m)$694$673$666$659
RSENDDSK15D (ENDEAVOR™)15' (4.5m)$694$673$666$659