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Recreational Sidewall & Half Wall

A Sidewall & Half Wall provides extra shade when the sun is lower on the horizon. Available with NEW colors and upgraded features that coordinate perfectly with our recreational E-Z UP® Instant Shelters.

  • Straight Leg Available in Sizes to Fit: 10’ x 10’ Pyramid™ and 10’ x 10’ Vantage™
  • Angle Leg Available in Sizes to Fit: 8’ x 8’ Vista™ Sport, 10’ x 10’ & 12’ x 12’ Vista™ and 10’ x 10’ Dome®

Recreational Sidewall & Half Wall Pricing

SW310ALGY10' (3m), angle leg$36$33
SW310SLGY10' (3m), straight leg$47$43
SW312ALGY12' (3.7m), angle leg$58$53
Half Wall
HW310ALGY10' (3m), angle leg$26$22
HW310SLGY10' (3m), straight leg$32$29
HW312ALGY12' (3.7m), angle leg$30$27