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Vendor Table Cover

Turn your table into a marketing billboard with an E-Z UP®  Vendor Table Cover. Take advantage of additional custom graphic space on your table cover and make a lasting impression that your customer won’t forget. Using the same fabric and graphic capabilities as your E-Z UP® portable shelter, you will have the perfect match to your Instant Shelter® ensemble.

  • Professional Grade Fabric
  • Available in all Premium Colors to Match your Shelter
  • Heavy-Duty Zipper Back for  E-Z Setup and    Under Table Storage
  • Prices Shown are for Full Color Imprint

Vendor Table Cover Pricing

2' x 4' x 29"
TSAT244829DFPLFront Panel$212$206$204$201
TSAT244829FBDWhole Table Cover$345$335$331$328
2.5' x 6' x 29"
TSAT307229DFPLFront Panel$305$296$293$290
TSAT307229FBDWhole Table Cover$454$440$436$431
2.5' x 8' x 29"
TSAT309629DFPLFront Panel$380$369$365$361
TSAT309629FBDWhole Table Cover$528$512$507$502