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Hang Space™ Tri/Square

The E-Z UP® Hang Space™ product goes up in seconds, attaching to your E-Z UP® shelter and instantly creating a storage-area or privacy-area solution with endless other uses. This lightweight and extremely portable solution is a must-have. Have you ever wanted a place to hide gear, product, or just a place to hide? How about a convenient closet to stack product out of sight at your next trade show, changing room for your business at the next farmers market, or even portable shower for your next camping trip? You can do all of this and more with our two new styles of Hang Space™ products.

Hang Space Tri™ (Shelter Top and Frame Sold Separately)

HSSW5FBD4SDFull-Bleed Digital, 4 Sides$387$381$375$369
HSSW5BK2860MCF1SDMulticolor, 1 Side$208$205$202$198

Hang Space™ Square (Shelter Top and Frame Sold Separately)

HSTW5FBD3SDFull-Bleed Digital, 4 Sides$319$314$309$304
HSTW5BK2860MCF1SDMulticolor, 1 Side$198$195$192$189