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With its hexagon shape, our portable HUB™ shelter makes you the main event at any promotional, trade show, or outdoor function. With a two-person set up, the shelter stands alone or can be nested together for an expanded footprint to draw in the crowds.


  • Promotional Events
  • Outdoor Activations
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibits
  • Festivals
  • Much More

15’ (4.5 m) HUB™

HB3T15DV11 Valance$1,690$1,650$1,599$1,550
HB3T15DP11 Peak$1,760$1,720$1,699$1,650
HB3T15DP1DV11 Valance, 1 Peak$1,810$1,799$1,750$1,699
HB3T15DV33 Valances$1,790$1,750$1,699$1,650
HB3T15DP33 Peaks$2,000$1,950$1,899$1,850
HB3T15DP3DV33 Valances, 3 Peaks$2,150$2,099$2,050$1,999
HB3T15DV66 Valances$1,940$1,899$1,850$1,799
HB3T15DP66 Peaks$2,360$2,310$2,270$2,230
HB3T15FBD6 Peaks, 6 Valances$2,690$2,650$2,599$2,550