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Pro Sidewall

From one sidewall as a backdrop, to a fully enclosed shelter with four sidewalls, you can custom order what is right for you or your customer. Coordinate your E-Z UP® sidewall with  your shelter using matching  fabric colors and custom-printed graphics.

  • Sidewall Truss Clips for Easy and Fast Attachment to Your Shelter
  • Zippers on vertical edges make joining walls easy

Pro Sidewall Pricing

Single Sided Digital Imprint
SWSS5D5' (1.5m)$286$277$275$272
SWSS8D8' (2.5m)$402$390$386$382
SWSS10D10' (3.0m)$439$426$421$417
SWSS12D12' (3.7m)$534$518$513$507
SWP313FBD (ENDEAVOR™)13' (4.0m)$406$394$390$386
SWSS15D15' (4.5m)$689$668$661$655
SWENDSS15D (ENDEAVOR™)15' (4.5m)$689$668$661$655
SWSS20D20' (6.0m)$919$891$882$873
Double Sided Digital Imprint
SWDS5D5' (1.5m)$631$612$606$599
SWDS8D8' (2.5m)$746$724$716$709
SWDS10D10' (3.0m)$769$746$738$731
SWDS12D12' (3.7m)$838$813$804$796
SWDS15D15' (4.5m)$1,429 $1,386 $1,372 $1,358
SWENDDS15D (ENDEAVOR™)15' (4.5m)$1,429 $1,386 $1,372 $1,358