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5’ x 5’ (1.5 m x 1.5 m)

With its compact size, the VUE™ shelter is the perfect promotional and display tool to maximize branding when space is limited. The 5’ x 5’ (1.5 m x 1.5 m) footprint makes this shelter particularly useful for kiosks, in store merchandising, and outdoor sidewalk displays. The durable materials and high-quality construction allow extended use of the VUE™ for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • High-Strength Steel Frame
  • Attachment Points for Railskirt and ProFlag™ Accessories
  • 7 Year Warranty

Vue sample

5’ x 5’ (1.5 m x 1.5 m)

VU955KDV11 Valance$407$395$391$387
VU955KDP11 Peak$414$402$397$393
VU955KDP1DV11 Peak, 1 Valance$440$427$422$418
VU955KDV22 Valances$418$405$401$397
VU955KDP22 Peaks$480$466$461$456
VU955KDP2DV22 Peaks, 2 Valances$546$530$524$519
VU955KDV44 Valances$491$476$471$466
VU955KDP44 Peaks$615$597$590$584
VU955KFBD4 Peaks, 4 Valances$693$672$665$658